Cheap airline tickets to: Amsterdam

City: Amsterdam
Population: 1,211,000
Country: The Netherlands
Religion: Roman Catholic, Protestant (Dutch reformists, Calvinists), Islam
Language: Dutch
Climate: mild maritime, cool summers, mild winters
Currency: euro (EUR)
Power: 230 V, europlug
Visa: visa-free entry for Estonian citizens

The diversity of a city and the compactness of a small town exist side-by-side in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. The key words of the city are 17th and 18th century architecture, countless bicycles, tree-lined canals and exciting history. The oldest stock exchange in the world is located in Amsterdam. The city also has several world-class museums (including the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum) and famous concert halls, theatres and clubs. Artists from all over the world often visit Amsterdam, which means there are always exciting cultural events taking place in the city.

Amsterdam’s sights, including slightly sinister ones like the coffee shops and Red Light District, attract more than 3.5 million tourists to the city every year. Below you will find cheap airline tickets to Amsterdam. The selection includes the cheap flights that other clients have found on SKY24.EE in the last two weeks.

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