Cheap airline tickets to: Dublin

City: Dublin
Population: 506,000
Country: Ireland
Religion: Roman Catholic, Anglican
Language: English, Irish (Gaelic)
Climate: maritime and rainy, influenced by the Gulf Stream
Currency: euro (EUR)
Power: 230 V, europlug
Visa: visa-free entry for Estonian citizens

Dublin is the capital of Ireland. It is located on the east coast of Ireland at the mouth of the River Laffey. The city was founded by the Vikings in 840. Today, Dublin is the education, art, economic and industrial centre of Ireland. The best known sights in the city are Dublin Castle (the former British royal palace) and Christ Church Cathedral. The famous St James’s Gate Brewery, which is the birthplace of Guinness beer, and the Old Jameson Distillery are also located in Dublin. There are more than 700 pubs in Dublin, all of them unique. There are also almost as many musicians as there are ordinary citizens.

10% of Ireland’s population are immigrants. The majority of them select Dublin as their new home. Approximately 20 million passengers per year travel through the city’s airport. Below you will find cheap airline tickets to Dublin. The selection includes the cheap flights that other clients have found on SKY24.EE in the last two weeks.

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