Cheap airline tickets to: Kiev

City: Kyiv
Population: 2,819,000
Country: Ukraine
Religion: Greek Catholic, Roman Catholic
Language: Ukrainian, Russian
Climate: moderate continental climate
Currency: Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH)
Power: 230 V, europlug
Visa: visa-free entry for Estonian citizens for up to 90 days

Kyiv, which is located on the banks of the Dnepr River, is the capital of Ukraine. It is one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe. Kyiv played a pivotal role in the emergence of the Old Russian state as well as the Ukrainian nation. Today, it is an important centre of industry, science, education and culture in Eastern Europe. Kyiv is a mixture of the old and the new. It is evident everywhere – from the shops to the people. These contrasts have become more noticeable since Ukraine became independent in 1991. The impressive Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) is considered the centre of Kyiv and even people who have travelled the world are amazed at how majestic it appears.

Kyiv Airport is one of the largest in Eastern Europe. More than 6 million passengers travel through it every year. Airline tickets to Kyiv are in high demand among people travelling on business. Below you will find cheap airline tickets to Kyiv. The selection includes the cheap flights that other clients have found on SKY24.EE in the last two weeks.

Cheap flights to Kyiv

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