Cheap airline tickets to: Minsk

City: Minsk
Population: 1 836 808
Country: Belarus
Religion: Greek Catholic, Roman Catholic
Language: Belarusian, Russian
Climate: continental, with cold winters and cool and rainy summers
Currency: Belarusian rouble (BYR)
Electricity: 220 V, europlug
Visa: required for Estonian citizens

Minsk, the national capital and the largest city of Belarus, is situated in the region of the Svislachi and Niamiha Rivers. Minsk was granted city status in 1499 when it was part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Minsk is one of the most interesting capitals in Eastern Europe as it boasts an exciting history, very wide and tidy boulevards, large squares, green parks and multiple examples of Soviet architecture. Some of the most exceptional sights in Minsk are the KGB Museum, the imposing Victory Square with an obelisk and the circus with shows all year round.

The Minsk International Airport is situated 42 km from the city and it was opened only in 1982. Below you can view cheap air travel tickets to Minsk. The selection consists of the cheap flights booked by other customers over the last 2 weeks via SKY24.EE.

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