Cheap airline tickets to: Nice

City: Nice (Nizza)
Population: 344 875
Country: France
Religion: Roman Catholic, Protestant
Language: French
Climate: Mediterranean, mild winters and hot summers
Currency: euro (EUR)
Electricity: 230 V, europlug
Visa: visa-free entry for Estonian citizens for up to 90 days

Nice (Nizza in Italian) is the 5th largest city in France by population size and it is also the main air travel gate to the holiday destinations in Provence and the French Riviera. This famous city between Cannes and Monaco is just a 45-minute drive from Italy. The sun that is shining in Nice 300 days of the year and the genuinely French milieu in the city attract tourists from all over the world. Nice is the second most important tourist destination in France after Paris. The most attractive spots are the kilometre-long Promenade des Anglais with palm trees and the renowned flower market.

As it is difficult to reach Nice by land because of the Alps, the local airport is the second most passenger-intensive airport in France. Below you can view cheap air travel tickets to Nice. The selection consists of the cheap flights booked by other customers over the last 2 weeks via SKY24.EE.

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