Cheap airline tickets to: Sydney

City: Sydney
Population: 4,504,000
Country: Australia
Religion: Roman Catholic, Anglican
Language: English
Climate: moderate
Currency: Australian dollar (AUD)
Power: 240 V, Australian plug with V-shaped contacts
Visa: Estonian citizen does not need a visa to enter Australia if the trip  purpose is tourism or business; electronic registration is required for travelers before entering the country on Australian Immigration and Citizenship Agency website

Sydney is the largest and oldest city in Australia. Sydney is located in a beautiful spot by the ocean at the mouth of the Parramatta River. As the financial and economic centre of Australia, it is the city with the second largest purchasing power per capital in the world. Its residential districts cover an area of around 100 km, but the city centre, which is full of skyscrapers, only covers a couple of square kilometres. In addition to various urban leisure facilities the city boasts an outstanding aquarium, one of the best zoos in the world and 37 sandy beaches – Bondi and Manly being the best known.

Sydney Airport is the gateway for most of the tourists who visit Australia. It is one of the oldest continuously operating airports in the world. Below you will find cheap airline tickets to Sydney. The selection includes the cheap flights that other clients have found on SKY24.EE in the last two weeks.

Cheap flights to Sydney

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