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How can I buy on SKY24.EE?

You can buy cheap airline tickets and hotel accommodation from SKY24.EE quickly, safely and easily.

1. Enter the destination, dates and number of passengers.
Click on ‘Search for flights’ or ‘Search for hotels‘. Select suitable flights from the table and click on ‘Select’.

2. Enter the data of the passengers.

3. Select the payment method.

You can pay:
a) immediately in an internet bank;
b) immediately by credit card;
c) via PayPal;
d) using instalments;
d) later on the basis of an invoice by bank transfer or in cash at a bank branch (except for hotel bookings).

If you want to pay immediately via bank link, you can choose between Swedbank, SEB, Luminor and LHV the preferred one.

If you select ‘invoice’ as the payment method, we will send it to you by e-mail (not applicable to hotel bookings). The payment must be made by the date indicated on the invoice (usually one or two days after the issue date). The flight booking will be cancelled if the payment is not received in our account by the due date. Please keep in mind that your payment will take longer to reach us if you don’t make it from an account in Swedbank. If the due date is a working day, you must make the payment no later than at 3.00 pm. If the due date is in the weekend, you must make the payment no later than at 3.00 pm on the Friday.

We will also e-mail the invoice to you if you want to pay for your airline ticket in cash. You can print it out and take it to your bank to make the payment. The current account of SKY24.EE is in Swedbank, which is why you should use this bank.

In case you have decided to pay by credit card, after an order has been placed, you will be automatically directed to the payment page of EvereyPay interface, where you will need to insert the card data. EveryPay interface authorises the transaction. After entering the card number, security code and expiry date, the payment will be authorised by your bank. When the system requests the card data, the SSL, MasterCard SecureCode, Verified by Visa will be used, ensuring that the exchanged information cannot be copied or altered by unauthorised persons.

PayPal is world’s most preferable way to pay online, because it's safer and faster. PayPal stores and safeguards your card and bank details, enabling you to pay online without entering your sensitive financial information every time you shop. You speed through checkout in just a few clicks, PayPal takes the payment from your card or bank directly, and your payment details are never shared on the internet. The personal data entered is not shared with third parties.

In the cooperation with Montonio we offer to pay for the flight tickets by installments. During the booking process you can instantly compare and choose between the multiple lenders. Check Montonio’s terms of service here:

4. After selecting the payment method, check the booking details and read the terms and conditions of use of SKY24.EE. If everything is fine and you have read the terms and conditions, confirm your order and click on ‘Pay now’.

5. Make the payment. You will receive confirmation of your order by e-mail.

Enjoy your journey!

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